Blue Ridge Optics is a fully integrated manufacturer of precision laser optics, crystals and thin film coatings, backed by 40 years of experience. Operating out of a state-of-the-art 40,000 sf facility in central Virginia, Blue Ridge Optics has the capacity and resources to handle both small R&D to large volume manufacturing requirements, prototype to production.

High power, low absorption 
thin film coatings from: 
Technology:Plasma, E-Beam, IAD...

Manufacturer of optics components including laser optics, crystals & gain.

​Refurbishment services available...


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Product Announcement

Now offering optics with <1 Angstrom RMS super polish and better than L/40 flatness for use in directed energy and high energy applications.


Grant Funding Award: Cybersecurity

Blue Ridge Optics received two grants from the Town of Bedford and Bedford County EDA's, for the upgrade and improvement of our cybersecurity system and infrastructure. 

White Paper: CNC Optics Production

As presented at APOMA 2018, Blue Ridge Optics took part in a case study completed by Eminess in which addressed the problem of current polishing pads used in CNC production of precision optics are reaching their limits with respect to consistency and dependability. 

Grant Funding Award: Job Investment Program

Blue Ridge Optics has been selected to participate in the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP). The program helps companies with funding training activities both internal and external.

Governors Office Press Release>> (2019)


Grant Funding Award: Growth and Development

Blue Ridge Optics was selected to participate in Virginia's VALET Program. VALET Program>> 



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