Testing Capabilities



Blue Ridge Optics tests and measures all of our laser optics to the required specification at our in-house quality assurance and testing laboratory. Performance requirements including power output (select applications), environmental standards and durability are tested and certified for each manufacturing lot. Spectral and optical surface measurements are performed and evaluated for conformance by highly trained quality assurance engineers. All measurement equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with our ISO 9001 registered quality assurance system.

Measurement & Testing Devices

Perkin Elmer 950 Spectrophotometers

Zygo NewView 8200 Profilometer (2017 Model)

Zygo Verifire Radii Interferometer (2017 Model)

Apre S150 6" Interferometer (2017 Model)

​Nikon D6 Autocollimator(s)

Laser Fizeau Long Range Measurements Tables 

​Nikon Computer Automated Profiler

Mitutoyo Micrometer(s) / Caliper(s) 

Savvy Inspector Scratch-Dig (2017 Model)

Blue M Salt Fog Chamber

Blue M Temperature Chamber

Blue M Humidity Chamber

Laser Power Pump Testing Chamber


MIL-C-48497A (Historical)


ISO & AS9100 FAI

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